About us

Deep Blue C Technology Ltd is a software company based in Portsmouth, UK. For 15 years we have made  easy to use analysis and training software for naval and maritime personnel, with deep support for power users. Our software has been used to great effect and is highly appreciated by our international user base. We champion Open Source development, and as a consequence all our software is free to use and well documented.

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Our Values and Goals


We champion Open Source development. As a result all our products:

  • Are free to use, forever. You  can fund development of new capabilities that are of value to you, but you never have to pay for existing features or capabilities.
  • Follow a transparent development process. You take an active role in the development process, because at it’s heart the new software is part of an organizational change, and we want you, your organization and your collective contextual understanding & wisdom as involved with the process as possible.
  •  Suffer no vendor lock-in. Where feasible, all Deep Blue C source code is shared on the Internet, remaining free to use for any purpose, commercial or not. Any organisation can be invited to quote for maintenance based on the published source code.
  •  Have highly documented manuals and training processes. The software is being developed to empower you, and we make sure you can get the hang of it as fast as possible, and have the best possible support both in getting started and along your journey.
  •  Are highly customizable, and can be tailored for individuals and organizations. Our modern, modular architectures and mature usability skills ensure you get exactly what you need, and don’t get swamped by new features.
  •  Are easy to use, focussing on helping the user get the job done. You concentrate on delivering business value, let the software handle the clerical tasks.



Our Specialities





Business Domains

Maritime Operations

Maritime tactical development, Maritime operational analysis

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Capture, Sharing, Exploitation, including Lessons Learned

Anti Submarine Warfare

Search, Evasion, Target Motion Analysis, Sonar Performance

Our History


Deep Blue C Created

Company created (as PlanetMayo Ltd), and contracted to Royal Navy to develop Project Management system and support Debrief.


Web-based lessons learned system

Developed Fleet Lessons Management System, the UK’s first web-enabled defence lessons learned system. This innovative application was developed in only 3 months, including two customer UI review seminars.


Release of Debrief NG (Next Generation)

Upgraded Debrief from standalone Swing application to workbench application sitting on Eclipse framework.


Single Sided Reconstruction

Introduced Single Sided Reconstruction capabilities to Debrief, to allow derivation of third-party track when insufficient data available.


ISO 9001 accreditation

The company achieved ISO 9001 accreditation for its Quality Management System.


Admiralty Charts in Debrief

Worked with UK Hydrographic Office to provide Admiralty Chart backdrops to Debrief users.


FATS/4 Accreditation

The company was assessed as being of sufficient quality and authority to become an approved MoD supplier under the FATS/4 procurement framework.


SubTrack 90 developed

Developed web-based passive sonar training application (SubTrack 90), aimed at raising base level skillsets for sonar operators.


Office 2000 compliant narrative tool

Performed complete rewrite of Fleet Narrative Tool from VBA to VB.Net, to fill Office 2000 compliant capability gap.


New reference dataset for Debrief

Added Natural Earth dataset support to Debrief, tidily replacing the legacy VPF & ETOPO datasets


DSTL R-Cloud Frameworks

Based on a great delivery track record the company became an accredited research supplier to DSTL in 3 of the 5 subject domains.


ISO 9001


Deep Blue C has been ISO 9001 accredited since September 2011.

We are particularly pleased to have achieved ISO 9001 certification as it underlines our commitment to our customers and our focus on quality. Not many customers get to see their suppliers’ ‘back-office’ activities, but this recognition provides independent verification that we can provide a quality solution from quotation to delivery.

MoD FATS/4 & FATS/D&E Accreditation

In 2012, and 2015 we received FATS/4 and FATS/D&E procurement accreditations. The Ministry of Defence (MoD) uses FATS to procure specialist technical support to its defence equipment programmes to support MoD Project Teams and other Government Departments and Public Bodies.

We’re accredited to deliver these services:

  • Electrical and Mechanical
  • Through Life Support
  • Front Line/Operational Information Technology
  • Transport

DSTL R-Cloud

In 2015 Deep Blue C registered in the DSTL R-Cloud framework within the Platform Systems, C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance), and CT & S (Counter-terrorism & security) capability areas.

DSTL (Defence Science and Technology Laboratory), which is part of the UK MoD, has established commercial frameworks for Science and Technology (S&T) research contracts, known as R-Cloud (Research Cloud). R-Cloud offers direct access to DSTL current and future research requirements.

This framework will provide easy-to-use, direct access to current and future research requirements. It is currently being rolled out across all of DSTL capability areas.

Our Team

Ian Mayo

Director & Head of Engineering, since 2000

Ian has studied and worked in the Marine Technology environment since 1987, and the defence domain since 1992. Back in 1990 he developed the predecessor to the modern electronic navigational chart as part of his Master of Philosophy research Degree from the University of Plymouth, UK.

Since then he has worked on surface and submarine command systems, oceanographic support systems, and developed a range of tools related to the development, management and analysis of maritime exercises using both web and desktop technologies.  He also spent 10 years at the pointy end of the Royal Navy’s Fleet Lessons Management System (FLMS) from it’s inception in 2003 to porting the data to the UK’s defence-wide solution in 2013. Along the way he gave knowledge management and business process support to the rolling uniformed lessons management team, participating in (and presenting to) several international conferences.

Ian created Deep Blue C Technology Ltd (formerly known as PlanetMayo Ltd) in 2000 to allow him to undertake larger challenges, and solve interesting problems across a wider market using a rich network of trusted partners.


Andrea Antonello

GIS Consultant, since 2010

Andrea graduated in Environmental and Territorial Engineering at the University of Trento and gained a PhD at the Department of Earth Sciences of the University of Urbino.

Andrea coordinates the Open Source JGrass, BeeGIS and Geopaparazzi projects, and has been a member of the uDig Project Steering Committee.

His guidance spearheaded Debrief’s adoption of the GeoTools library, opening opportunities for delivering Admiralty Charts, Natural Earth, and many other datasets to bring context to analysts.


Haris Peco

Java/RCP Developer, since 2013

Haris brings 20 years of professional software engineering, delivered in US, Sweden and Serbia.  His Java experience is both deep and broad, extending to the Eclipse RCP, Hibernate and Swing frameworks.  His deep problem solving skills have solved numerous thorny Debrief problems, both in the User Interface fiddling and byte-bashing to understand GeoTools projections and layer management.

Julie Witmer

Julie Witmer

Cartographer, since 2015

Julie worked as an archaeologist in Canada and the Middle East for 10 years, then worked in IT solving problems for customers and clients for over 15 years.  As a GIS Cartographic Specialist Julie combines her love of history and maps with technology, creating maps and spatial themes custom-designed to user needs.  Significantly Julie is responsible for the cosmetic themes used to render Debrief’s Natural Earth dataset, together with the Spring 2015 Track color makeover.


Eugene Demidchenko

Web Developer, since 2013

Eugene has worked in web and mobile development for over 10 years, ranging from PHP, AngularJS and modern web frameworks through to Objective-C and Swift under IOS.

He supported Deep Blue C in the development of UI code for a Tasking Management System, together with amazing programming feats using LeafletJS and D3.js in the simulation screens for SubTrack90.

Alex Vasilenko

Alex Vasilenko

Web Developer, since 2013

Alex is a career developer, focussing in the delivery of cutting edge front-end browser and mobile client code using the latest technologies.

He supported Deep Blue C in the development of UI code for a Tasking Management System, together with build configuration (using Grunt), IOS release management (using PhoneGap), and development of non-game screens in SubTrack90.


Rahib Maruf Iftekhar

Business Consultant, since 2014

Rahib is a specialist in business strategy, with over 5 years of experience in strategic management, business planning, and decision analysis with various international brands. Rahib has worked with defense, consumer products, financial institutions, agriculture and food distribution, entertainment and media, health improvement, green energy, and nonprofit sectors. Rahib is co founder of The WayForge and moonlights as a trainer on business management, and brand management.

Rahib provided great support in the 2014/2015 makeover of the Debrief analysis tool, providing support in marketing content and developing the brand identities of both Debrief and Deep Blue C.