Debrief Support

What is Debrief?

Debrief is an application focussed on maritime analysis. Powerful, free, fast and intuitive, Debrief accelerates maritime data analysis and reporting. Over twenty years of visionary development make it the first choice of effective analysts the world over.

You should get Debrief if you’re:

  • A military analyst
  • A defence scientist

Because Debrief is:


Open Source

Debrief is both Open Source and free to use, so you will never suffer vendor lock in.



Debrief runs on Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.



Debrief has been under continuous maintenance since 1995.


Highly Capable

Debrief is highly capable, and can make even the most challenging analysis tasks easy and straightforward.


Well Known

Debrief is currently in use by navies, Governmental and non Governmental organisations all over the world.


Easy to use

Debrief is well documented (200 page user guide plus introductory training course) and easy to use and maintain.


Who Needs Support?

You should get a support contract if you want:

Responsive user support to analysts

to ensure they focus on delivering output. A knowledge worker “in the zone” is capable of delivering amazing insight. The lack of a support contract can mean that an analyst has to defer exploring a hypothesis – with the result that it may never be investigated.

Immediate access to Debrief updates

Including new features, delivered in enterprise-friendly form (.MSI installer). This reduces the workload on both analysts and the IT support infrastructure.

Team working

Direct access to the software team, to discuss new features & working practices.

Quick turnaround feature requests / bug fixes

Up to an agreed number days per month, typically delivered within two working days. It can take many days for an analyst to fully engage with the context of a trial/operation, to get into the mindset of the participants. Once broken this concentration can take many days to re-engage.

Stay in the zone

A quick turnaround feature request can let them “stay in the zone”.

Training & support

Getting started support, including training & support for importing two in-house ASCII file types.

Support Plans

Deep Blue C can offer ongoing support that allows analysts to remain responsive to dynamic challenges:

  • Support Basic

  • £1000Month
    • Telephone Support
    • Assisted Issue Recording
    • New releases by Post (including MSI)
  • Contact Us

Custom Support

Because of its open source license, Debrief can be modified as needed to make it work harder for you. Deep Blue C can develop custom new Debrief capabilities that offer new opportunities, or leverage your analysts’ contextual knowledge.

Examples of Debrief customisation

Fixed Price

Develop customised symbol libraries representing your platforms & vehicles

Allow analysis tool capabilities to evolve in step with analysis requirements:

  • Broaden support for using complex file types directly in Debrief, with all its power, instead of remaining limited to vendor-supplied basic replay tools
  • Create new file import/export interfaces

Allow analysts to focus on delivering high-value, effective results

Eliminate clerical file-transformation via bespoke file import development

Internationalisation support, for easier adoption by non-English speakers:

  • Provide Debrief application in another language
  • Provide Debrief tutorial & user manual in another language

Contact for details


Custom development projects to make more economic use of analyst effort, via:

  • high level (graphical) editing of simulation input datasets
  • integration with external modelling systems (including batch running)
  • direct exploitation of simulation results (both single runs & meta-analysis)

Improved outputs through new analysis domains:

  • support for new data attributes (6 degs freedom, bespoke sensor measurement types)
  • support for new analysis concepts, such as wake modeling and non-traditional sensors
  • new Analysis Panes for direct access to specific graphical & tabular performance metrics

Contact for details